Our advice for cooking vegetables like meat


“To create deliciousness with steamed, simmered or roasted vegetables, the sauces are second to none. They are what add relief, prevent boredom at the table and give soul to a dish. » While it is very easy to play with the typicity of different oils and vinegars to evolve a salad dressing, Alice opts for a creamy and comforting sauce based on tahini diluted in a little hot water with soy sauce sweetened, lemon juice and pepper.

A sweet and savory sauce that enhances steamed vegetables, a red cabbage salad, or brilliantly tops broccoli or cauliflower, grilled in the oven. To give body to a bowl, color leeks, without adding fat, its minute beetroot cream is a solution to adopt. Simply blend a cooked beet with olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon juice and cider vinegar. The best part: this preparation can be kept for a week in the refrigerator, in an airtight container.


The unmissable vegetable mayonnaise, which she serves all year round, with her vegetables. Lighter than mayonnaise, it keeps for a long time (egg-free recipe) in an airtight container in the refrigerator and can be seasoned endlessly with the spices of our choice (candied garlic for an aioli, sumac, zaatar, ginger, candied lemon). , smoked paprika, ketchup and cognac for a cocktail sauce…). Enough to play with tastes, textures and colors.


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“It’s a shame to limit vegetables to steamed dishes, soups or boring salads. Why not cook vegetables in the same way as meat with comforting simmers, by increasing the oven temperature on roasted vegetables, or by grilling them on the barbecue? » Tired of soup? Alice roasts her vegetables in an oven at 200°C. His thing? Combine each of them with a spice: thyme/parsnip, paprika/sweet potato, ras el-hanout/butternut, zaatar/broccoli with a drizzle of olive oil and salt.

Some vegetables will be more al dente than others. Sprinkle with feta, pomegranate seeds, herbs then serve with a mixture of cereals. To change from gratins and purees, Alice suggests we convert to rösti without flour, cream or eggs which she prepares in advance so that we only have to reheat when ready to serve! She peels and grates bintje potatoes, which she presses in a cloth to remove the water. She then mixes them with a neutral oil and spreads them to a thin surface in a large pan. She flattens them well with a potato masher and cooks over medium heat until golden brown, then turns them over and serves them with an herb yogurt sauce.


The vegetarian kebab to appeal to teenagers. Alice spreads an organic tortilla with hummus, then she adds roasted vegetables (shredded caramelized butternut, for example) with raw vegetables (cabbage or cucumber) which she tops with a yogurt and spice sauce.


“To compose a balanced vegetable plate, legumes are a good card to play. » Nothing could be simpler than rinsing and adding, 30 minutes before the end of cooking a vegetable stew, lentils (coral, green from Puy, etc.), chickpeas, red, white or white beans. flageolets to bring texture and energy to the dish. On lazy evenings, we prepare a toast spread with a 50/50 sauce of yogurt and hummus, seasoned with roasted vegetables and a puree of beans crushed with a fork with olive oil and salt. , and pepper. He nibbles with pleasure.


Fried rice with smoked tofu, finely cubed and pan-fried. With its firm, chicken-like texture and peaty taste, it is tasty and hearty. You can add it to a soup, or slip it into a taco.

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