Parisian chef Maxime Plateau crowned egg and mayonnaise world champion

Organized since 2010 by the Association for the Safeguarding of Egg Mayonnaise (ASOM), this championship, open only to cooks from France and Navarre who offer the à la carte recipe of their establishment, has just crowned its new champion. Maxime Plateau, chef of the Moulin à Vent restaurant in the 5th arrondissement, succeeds Adrien Spanu and Grégoire Simon of La Grande Brasserie in the 4th arrondissement. “I am very happy with this award,” he confided to our colleagues at BFM. “It’s the accomplishment of the whole year’s work. »

The secrets of a successful egg mayonnaise

“The competition was tough and very close” recognizes Maxime Plateau, interviewed by the newspaper “20 minutes”. Popular among 17 finalists, the chef and his eggs and mayonnaise visibly convinced the jury. “I think it was the most consensual egg,” confides Valentine, member of the jury to BFM. “We had very precise evaluation criteria.” The ASOM judges eggs mayonnaise according to the criteria established by the gastronomic critic Claude Lebey, who died in 2017. Founder of the association and therefore of the Championship, Claude Lebey had given, in an interview granted to “20 minutes” dating from 2011, the secrets of a successful egg mayonnaise. Among other things, a “fat cooked” yolk, “that is to say smooth” and a mayonnaise which must “perfectly cover the egg cut in two”.

Don’t miss your homemade egg mayonnaise

Without being a world champion, this starter, like deviled eggs, is a classic of French cuisine which must be well made. Cooking the egg, co-star of the recipe, must be mastered. Between 8 and 9 minutes for a melting hard-boiled egg. At the end of this time, remember to immerse your eggs in very cold water to stop the cooking. The mayonnaise, the second headliner, must be well proportioned and fluid without being too liquid. Little secret so you don’t miss it… Make sure all the ingredients are at room temperature. But you already knew that since there is no point in storing your eggs in the refrigerator!

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