Protein, anti-stress, beauty: a short guide to neo-cafe

“And if we want a simple coffee, what do we do? » asks Ari, a customer at a coffee shop in eastern Paris. The fact is that when you see the establishment’s extended menu, which offers “bulletproof coffee”, “dalgona café” or even “espresso tonic”, you can be a little lost… It’s far away a time when filter coffee reigned supreme over our mornings.

After being adorned with olive oil (at Starbucks), fruit juice or having been transformed into the star ingredient of the espresso martini, cocktail of the year, it is now beneficial. Should we nevertheless give in to the sirens of these neo-cafés that purists love to hate?


Forget the shakes from the big guys at the gym! The trend is towards protein coffee, in a healthy and tasty version. At Buddy Buddy, in Paris and Brussels, the signature drink contains peanut butter and a shot of espresso. At Hanoi Corner, in Paris, we prepare an ultra-creamy egg coffee. This Vietnamese specialty, made with egg yolks and ground coffee, is very nutritious, and exists in a vegan version.

Buddy Buddy, 15, rue de Marseille, Paris-10th. Hanoi Corner, 7, rue Blanche, Paris-9e.


Will you have coffee again, but without tachycardia this time? The stimulating properties of our favorite drink can sometimes play bad tricks on us. In order to counter its negative effects, we taste it in its augmented version. At Inners, the supercoffee that rebalances the nervous system is made with ashwagandha, an adaptogenic plant that reduces anxiety. The British brand Trip offers a cold brew in a can infused with CBD, just to say goodbye to palpitations.

Anti-Stress Coffee with ashwagandha, Inners, 60 g package, €12.90. CBD cold brew coffee, Trip, pack of 6, €14.


Enjoyed in small doses and without sugar, coffee can help prevent the aging of the body thanks to its antioxidant action. To make it the ideal ally for our morning beauty routine, we add marine collagen. The Holidermie brand therefore offers organic coffee capsules enriched with this protein. In Paris, the 48, a fashionable coffee shop, offers a variety of collagen drinks, while in Dijon the Galeries Lafayette now hosts the Be Collagène Café.

Organic Coffee with Collagen, 10 compostable capsules, Holidermie, €22. 48 Collagen Café, 48, rue Lafayette, Paris-9e. Be Collagène Café, 41-49, rue de la Liberté, Dijon (21).

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