Should you cut watermelon or not to preserve it?

To preserve a watermelon for a longer period of time, it is best to keep it whole. At room temperature and in a ventilated place, it can be preserved for a week, up to two if placed in the refrigerator.

The benefit of not cutting the watermelon

The watermelon’s rind protects it from the intrusion of bacteria and mold. Once cut, the flesh of the watermelon is exposed to the air, which optimizes the oxidation of the fruit. A phenomenon that damages the quality of the watermelon when exposed to air for a long time. In the open air, the flesh (composed, let’s remember, of 92% naturally sweet water*) therefore loses moisture, and gradually, flavor.

A watermelon can be cut, but kept cool

As you might expect, given the size of a watermelon, unless you plan to eat it in one go to entertain around a large summer table, once started, it’s hard not to cut it. So to store the watermelon cut into slices or pieces, make sure to wrap it well. In plastic wrap or an airtight container, the goal is to avoid any contact with the ambient air and the infiltration of bacteria. Of course, the watermelon must be placed in a cool place, to keep everything safe and above all: to maintain its freshness and make it even more thirst-quenching than it already is!


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