Summer aperitif: 5 ideas to enhance hummus

Easy Hummus

Originating from the Middle East, hummus is a chickpea puree, richly garnished with tahini or tahine – sesame puree – garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, spices, etc. A delicacy that is all the rage at aperitif time, served with Lebanese bread, breadsticks, or raw vegetables such as vegetable sticks, cucumber or carrot.

The advantage of hummus is its great adaptability. If you can stick to the classic recipe – addictive as can be – you can also add ingredients that take hummus to other horizons.

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5 ideas to enhance hummus in summer

Idea #1: Avocado + Fresh Herbs

To bring a maximum of good unsaturated fats to your puree, we think of avocado. Bonus point, this oleaginous fruit regulates blood sugar, cholesterol and plays on satiety.

And to fill up with a maximum of “green”, we also include spinach and fresh herbs of your choice such as coriander, parsley, or others. Spinach can also be replaced by arugula or radish tops that we recycle wisely.

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Idea #2: fresh goat cheese + coriander

Thanks to the fresh goat cheese, the hummus is transformed into a subtly milky delight. The presence of fresh coriander further enhances the freshness. Essential in this season!
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Idea #3: Soft-boiled eggs + radishes

Adding soft-boiled eggs to your hummus allows you to stock up on animal and vegetable proteins, as chickpeas are also rich in them! And for a spicy note, replace the black radish in the recipe with pink radishes, which are currently available on the shelves.

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Idea #4: Roasted Red Peppers

We don’t always think about it, but roasted peppers are THE good idea in summer! Cut them into pieces, subtly drizzled with olive oil, and forget about them in the oven for about forty minutes. When they come out of the oven, the peppers are melting, delicious, roasted, and soft as you want. A delight that can be used anywhere: in a cold salad; with pasta; on a summer savory tart; a summer tortilla; or mixed into hummus.

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Idea #5: Raw vegetables

To brighten up and change from classic hummus, you don’t have to incorporate an ingredient into your puree, you can add it with it! In this recipe, pomegranate seeds and grated carrots are added on top of the hummus to add maximum texture to the tasting.

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