Summer Dinner: 3 Easy Watermelon Recipes

In carpaccio, skewers and even soup, there are a multitude of ways to cook watermelon. The recipes that we offer you are out of the ordinary, and above all, combine refreshment, colors and flavors, for the most beautiful summer plates.

Choosing the watermelon

To choose the right watermelon, it’s all about weight. On the market stalls, grab a watermelon in your hand and weigh it. The heavier it is, the more naturally sweet water it contains. In short, the heavier it is, the tastier it is. If it seems heavy enough but its rind is damaged, don’t panic, it’s not a big deal. The outside of the watermelon doesn’t necessarily reflect its inside! So focus on its weight and, by tapping on it, look for a resonance. If you hear it, then the chances that you’re holding the right watermelon in your hands will only increase.

Cooking watermelon

Cooking (or at least preparing) watermelon is simple: remove the rind, cut the inside into cubes or slices, and enjoy. It can be enjoyed as is, or with other fruits like bananas and nectarines. To rethink the presentation of fruit salad in bowls, why not use skewers?

Watermelon and feta, the combination not to be missed

Sure, watermelon is sweet, but there’s nothing stopping you from creating sweet/savory combinations. And what better pairing than cheese with sweet? Just as honey works wonders with fresh cheese and jam with Tomme de Savoie or a little Saint-Nectaire, watermelon is divine with feta. Crumbled on watermelon or cubed on skewers, try this marvel, as an aperitif or dessert, it doesn’t matter.

Cook the watermelon

Without making the task difficult, don’t just prepare the watermelon, cook it. This might come as a surprise, but it is possible to cook it! In carpaccio, for example, it will be at a low temperature in the oven, around 80°C. In this case, you will have to prepare the watermelon in advance, since it will take around ten hours to cook. Otherwise, in slices, to grill in a pan or on a griddle, two minutes on each side. Also, another quick preparation is available to you: roasted watermelon. In the oven, 8 minutes in a dish placed in the oven at 180°C, sprinkled with a few herbs and feta, a delight!

Watermelon, vegetable feta, and mint

Beautiful 100% vegan feta skewers for an aperitif, a picnic or a snack.

© Aline Caron

Watermelon carpaccio and Kalamata olives

A summer starter, to prepare the day before.

Watermelon-and-Kalamata-olives-carpaccio.jpg - copy

© Grégoire Kalt

Frozen melon soup, watermelon, and bresaola chips

Who said soups were just for winter? This summer, make way for frosty soups!

Frosty-melon-watermelon-soup-and-bresaola-chips.jpg - copy

© Emanuela Cino

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