The original recipe for tiramisu by Italian chef Toni Muzi

Unlike pasta which is not of Italian but Chinese origin, tiramisu is indeed Italian. Named “tirami sù” in Italian, or “pull me up,” tiramisu aims to boost morale. At the same time, who could resist the fondant of tiramisu, an instantly recognizable dessert with its layers of mascarpone and biscuits soaked in coffee. Here is the original recipe for this melting and creamy dessert, signed by Italian chef Toni Muzi.

Tiramisu, the anti-waste recipe

A legend says that tiramisu was born from the idea of ​​recycling leftover cold coffee. We dipped some biscuits soaked in a little milk or liqueur. All covered with cream or mascarpone. A simple, quick and effective recipe that is now traveling all over the world and making more than one person happy.

A simple recipe

To prepare your tiramisu, you need:

125 g of egg yolks
125 g of sugar
600 g of mascarpone
300 g whipped cream
A few Savoiardi* biscuits, ladyfingers or spoon biscuits

Preparing the tiramisu

Chef Toni shares the tiramisu recipe with us step by step, to prepare alone, with friends or family.

Step 1. Beat the sugar and eggs in a mixer until they become foamy.

2nd step. Add the mascarpone cream and process it in a food processor until it thickens. Gently incorporate the whipped cream using a spatula.

Step 3. Dip the Savoiardi biscuits in espresso coffee and place them in the bottom of a flat container.

Step 4. Cover the Savoiardi biscuits with mascarpone cream, repeat the operation twice to form two layers of biscuits. Cover the preparation with the rest of the cream, sprinkle with bitter cocoa.

Chef’s advice to enhance your tiramisu

If Toni Muzi had a fault to give to tiramisu, it would be its lack of crunch. “To add crunch to your tiramisu, add pieces of dark chocolate or Amaretti biscuits to your mascarpone cream” recommends chef Toni. “Also, at Eataly, we include crushed and roasted cocoa beans to enhance the taste even more. »

*Products to be found at Eataly
37 rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie
75004 Paris

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