Vegan whipped cream: coconut, soy, rice or cashew… What can you replace the cream with?

We place the whipped cream on our most beautiful strawberry bowls and chocolate cakes. Making it yourself is possible, even in a vegan version. We present to you this ingredient which replaces the crème fraîche, although necessary for its preparation.

Whipped cream: a two-ingredient recipe

Cream and icing sugar, only these two ingredients count when preparing whipped cream. To whip it up, nothing could be simpler, whip the cream with a mixer at medium speed, then sprinkle the mixture with icing sugar, while increasing the speed of the mixer. With or without lactose, all creams are equal, even plant-based ones.

Vegetable cream to replace crème fraîche

Did you know ? Plants can also become creamy. Some, once cooked, will not alter the taste of your whipped cream in any way. While others will come and spruce it up. Would you like a whipped cream with exotic flavors made from coconut cream? Or a sweeter one, prepared with cashew cream perhaps? Do you prefer a more neutral and “all-purpose” whipped cream? No problem, opt for soy or rice cream.

Coconut cream, the delicious one

Coconut, water and nothing else. This is all that is needed to make coconut cream as excellent for lactose-free diets as it is for its vitamin, trace element and mineral content.

Soy and rice cream, the new crème fraîches

If these vegetable creams have the advantage of perfectly replacing crème fraîche, it is because they do not add any specific taste which could alter your whipped cream. vegan or not, with soy and rice cream, its taste will be identical. In terms of composition, soy cream may contain vegetable oils such as rice syrup or rapeseed oil. Made from rice flour and water, the rice cream will be perfect if you are looking for a cream without added oil.

Cashew cream, the sweet one

For whipped cream without added sugar and without lactose, we opt for cashew cream. Prepared with cashew nuts, malted yeast and water, this vegetable cream will bring a slight sweet aftertaste to the palate. Enough to make your whipped cream naturally delicious.

Tips for whipping up your vegan whipped cream

If whipped cream prepared with crème fraîche rises so easily, it is thanks to the fat present in animal milk, up to 20%. With a mixer, only coconut and cashew creams will rise as well as a classic cream. The reason ? Their fat content is high enough to allow them to do so. With 25% fat in coconut cream and up to 48% in cashew cream, we guarantee: your whipped cream will be well whipped!

As for other vegetable creams, they will not rise in the same way, if at all. Since everything is possible in the kitchen, go to the supermarket to get creams that are marked “in abundance”. Preparations of vegetable creams to which oils have been added, to increase their fat content and thus ensure that they hold well in the mixer.

To ensure that our vegan whipped cream remains firm and does not sag, we sprinkle a little agar agar on the chosen cream, a few seconds before whipping it.

However, it is not necessary to change your gesture with the mixer, simply to whisk for longer. The result of the preparation will be just as airy and voluptuous as traditional whipped cream, enough to make your vegan whipped cream a real show stopper.

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