What winter detox recipes to start the year off right?

What if to reset the counters to zero, after having overindulged, we pampered our liver for a few days.

How ? By offering your body a few days of rest thanks to well-thought-out detox recipes. Based on juices, soups, herbal teas and broths that purify without appearing to be so and eliminate toxins, these recipes help you quickly feel lighter and in better shape. And if on the sidelines of this line of conduct, we skip alcohol, refined sugars and saturated fats and we supplement with a gentle sporting activity, around relaxation sports such as yoga, pilates or walking, the effects of the detox are are felt quickly. But be careful, detox recipes do not necessarily rhyme with boredom or suffering, we keep in mind that they help us reduce digestion and sleep disorders and improve skin and hair. So what are we waiting for to get started?

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