Which spice to choose to enhance your vegetables?

Once on the plate, the vegetables sometimes lack flavor. They are sprinkled with salt, pepper or even seasoned with cream or a little butter. If there’s still a little something missing, we recommend spices. These are real gems for varying the tastes in a dish. We look at what we have on hand, and we let ourselves be guided.

The combination of spices, or the art of enhancing taste

With their very strong connotations, some will undoubtedly speak to you more than others. Like curry for its sweetness, ginger for its spiciness or chili pepper for its hotness.

If a spice could be described as “universal” as it goes well with any vegetable, it is ground garlic. Sprinkle it on all your vegetables, you won’t be disappointed.

The sweet note, through the spice

Cinnamon, cardamom or star anise have the particularity of adopting sweet notes. Cinnamon is almost reminiscent of orange desserts, cardamom is reminiscent of cocoa and star anise is reminiscent of licorice. Enough to create a multitude of “sweet and savory” dishes.

You will understand, spices have great potential to add pep to the plate. Here is a list of the best spices, classified by vegetable.

These spices which will optimize the taste of our vegetables

The courgette : to combine with curry, for a hot and spicy result in the mouth.
The carrot : to combine with turmeric for a peppery flavor, or cinnamon for a sweet flavor.
Broccoli : to combine with nutmeg for a woody side or oregano for a bitter and sweet side.
Asparagus : to combine with nutmeg
Cauliflower : to combine with paprika for a fruity note, oregano or chili pepper for spiciness.
The cucumber : to combine with cumin for its earthy and bitter taste.
Squash : to combine with warm, bitter and woody spices, such as nutmeg and clove. The advantage of squash is that this food goes easily with any spice. Add some cinnamon and make it the ultimate fall dish.
Bean (green, white or yellow) : to combine with nutmeg
Eggplant : to combine with cumin or coriander, for woody notes of pine and pepper, which recall the scent of honey.

Add a mix of vegetables

For a mixture of vegetables, such as a stir-fry or ratatouille, it is better to opt for pronounced spices. So don’t skimp on ginger or Espelette pepper. For a more woody dish, nutmeg will be perfect, adding a peppery touch.

If you want to add a subtle sweet note, cardamom or star anise will do the trick. Their earthy aromas will remain in harmony with the flavors of the vegetables, while adding a slight hint of cocoa for the cardamom and licorice for the star anise.

Spice blends, the ideal combo

A spice is good. Several is even better. Here is a blend of spices ideal for any vegetable preparation, whether pan-fried, grilled or simply boiled. To do this, mix ground garlic, chopped basil, coriander, turmeric and cumin powder.

The woody notes of coriander, peppery turmeric and earthy cumin can only harmonize with the sweetness and lightness of basil. A perfect balance enhanced by garlic, the flavor enhancer par excellence.

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