2024 trends: the six world cuisines that will stand out next year

Italy, Japan and France, the great classics

Some things will definitely never change. As in previous years, the craze for Italian cuisine continues unabated. It must be said that our Mediterranean neighbors know how to do it, to the point that according to The Fork, “pizza” is the 5th most searched keyword on Google! Just that. Obviously, Italian cuisine, in all its diversity, is not just about pizza. And French chefs have understood this well, like Pierre Gagnaire and his restaurant Piero TT, located in the 7th arrondissement of Paris.

Japanese cuisine also remains very popular. Surprising flavors and techniques are nevertheless emerging and Japan continues to surprise with its inventiveness. The Yubiki method, which consists of dousing food with boiling water, particularly fish, before cooling it under very cold water, is a good example. A technique that would preserve the flavor and nutrients of the food. To test.

Still in Asia, Korean cuisine continues to stand out. The restaurants are numerous and the specialties are becoming more and more popular. Fried chicken, kimchi pancakes or even tteokbokki, small rice cakes generally cooked in a (very) spicy sauce, are among the references of Korean cuisine.

French cuisine still remains particularly popular. The traditional dishes and typical brasseries give it a special place in the hearts of the French.

Eastern Europe and England, surprise appearances

In 2024, English cuisine enters the scene. Synonymous with authenticity, typical dishes like pies or hash browns, grated potato pancakes, are making a notable appearance in the French culinary landscape. Bakery products, such as scones and English muffins, available in all forms, are also generating renewed interest.

Finally, the geopolitical context and the war in Ukraine have generated a craze around Eastern European cuisine. Among the most popular dishes, pierogi, small ravioli traditionally stuffed with potato and cheese, or khinkali, ravioli of Georgian origin stuffed with meat.

A ranking which reveals surprises compared to previous years and which places the year 2024 under the sign of conviviality and gluttony.

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