1 vegetable, 5 recipes: lettuce

The fifth favorite vegetable of the French, it stands out for its popularity and versatility. Whether eaten raw or cooked, lettuce is a flagship vegetable of spring, a source of essential nutrients for our body. A vegetable plant widely cultivated for its leaves, often used in salads, it is rich in vitamins and minerals, notably vitamin A, for vision and the immune system, vitamin K, essential for blood clotting and bone health, and obviously in fiber which helps with digestion and intestinal health. In addition to these nutrients, lettuce also contains antioxidants, which are key to good health.

Choosing lettuce

In France, there are hundreds of varieties of lettuce. This diversity reflects the many shapes, textures, colors and above all flavors that lettuces offer. Among these, iceberg, romaine, oak leaf, batavia, and even sucrine lettuce. Whatever its variety, very fresh lettuce is distinguished by shiny, unwilted and unblemished leaves. Also examine the base of the lettuce. It should be white or slightly green and not browned or dry.

Cooking the lettuce

Often confined to its role as an accompaniment, lettuce nevertheless has everything to please, and cooking it is child's play. Depending on the variety, it can be enjoyed as a mixed and crunchy salad, as well as braised, in soup or even sautéed. The proof in 5 delicious recipes.

Lacquered pulled pork, sucrine leaves

© Valéry Guedes

To accompany this pulled pork, the sucrine leaves bring freshness and a welcome texture which contrasts with the tenderness of the meat.

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Roasted sugar and egg yolk sauce


© Bastien Lattanzio

In this recipe, sucrine, with a slight nutty flavor, is cooked like meat, roasted and topped with a creamy sauce. As a main course or starter, this sucrine will surprise you.

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Grape, breast and ossau-iraty salad

Grape-breast-and-ossau-iraty salad

© Akiko Ida

Because a salad was needed, here is one that stands out by skilfully combining sweet/salty flavors and giving pride of place to the oak leaf.

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Lettuce and sorrel soup with brown rice


© Valéry Guedes

A surprising recipe to say the least, which combines lettuce with brown rice in a comforting soup, ideal for rainy days.

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Crunchy salad, yogurt sauce


© Claire Payen

Fresh, crispy sucrine and pink radishes are enhanced by a creamy and spicy yogurt sauce. A real concentrate of spring!

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