10 foods rich in vitamin D to compensate for lack of sunlight

How to include vitamin D in your diet? Our guide.

Vitamin D, known to be “the vitamin of the sun” is full of benefits. How to get it in the absence of sun? With these 10 foods not to be missed on your plate.

Vitamin D for better bone strength

Vitamin D acts on the body on several levels. It fixes ingested calcium on the bones, contributes to the proper development of the skeleton, improves its mineralization and helps defend against infections. This vitamin even has an anti-cancer role. Ideal as a good basis for a functioning immune system. So many arguments which make it essential on the plate, particularly in winter.

The sun vitamin

The main source of vitamin D is none other than the sun’s rays. Exposing yourself to it allows you to perk up effortlessly. Only one thing to do: let your skin welcome these rays, with sunscreen if the UV index is high. However, when winter comes, the sun gradually takes its leave, giving way to mist and snowflakes. To compensate for this drop in vitamin D and stay in shape despite winter depression, we turn to a more thoughtful diet.

*Data from the Ciqual composition table, reference data, published by the Observatory of the nutritional quality of foods of ANSES (National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety)

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