13 gourmet gluten-free desserts

Eating gluten-free is another way of cooking. But even if you exclude wheat flour and cereals from your cupboard, it is entirely possible to combine intolerance and indulgence at snack time. The proof in 13 easy and tasty recipes.

Gluten is a protein naturally present in certain cereals, notably wheat, barley and rye. It gives dough its elastic structure and contributes to the texture and consistency of baked goods. For many people, gluten poses no health concerns. However, for those with gluten intolerance or sensitivity, its consumption leads to a host of digestive symptoms and other health complications. To avoid this, there are alternatives that are as healthy as they are tasty.

Gluten-free baking

But then which flours should you choose for gluten-free cakes? Today there are many gluten-free substitutes for common foods such as bread, pasta, biscuits and obviously cakes. Use gluten-free flours such as rice flour, corn flour, buckwheat flour, chickpea flour or quinoa flour. Cooking gluten-free certainly requires a bit of adjustment and experimentation, but with the right ingredients and recipes you can do wonders. To help you, discover 13 delicious, gluten-free dessert recipes.

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