14 healthy salads to stay in shape all summer long

Salad can sometimes turn into a sneaky trap if you don't put the right ingredients in it. Here is all the information to keep in mind to prepare a healthy salad to die for.

How to make a healthy salad

Healthy salad or slimming salad?

Be careful, when we talk about “healthy salad”, we are talking about a balanced dish – but not necessarily light – in which the different contributions are represented (proteins, fibers, nutrients, fats) and whose aim is not necessarily to lose weight and shed those pounds. Obviously, this type of salad is perfect as part of a balanced diet, but its primary function is to enjoy while enjoying the benefits of different food families.

What ingredients should you choose in a healthy salad?

As the basis of a healthy salad, we rely on fresh vegetables in large quantities, especially leafy ones like spinach, celery, but also different small salads like arugula, mesclun, or even lamb's lettuce. You can also add crunchy vegetables such as slices of radish, cucumber, or thin slices of fennel, which will give chewiness in the mouth. We don't hesitate to add quinoa, cooked pasta, semolina or even legumes – coral lentils, chickpeas, red beans – which will give “consistency” and a strong satiating power to the healthy salad. For a sweet touch, fresh fruits like raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, melon, watermelon, are always an excellent idea during the summer. And as a final touch, we think of oilseeds of all kinds – nuts, sesame seeds, flax, hazelnuts, almonds or even avocado – which allow you to stock up on “good fats”.

Can you make a healthy salad without salad?

When we talk about “healthy salad”, we think of the “dish” which brings together several ingredients – vegetables, fruits, oilseeds – and not just the green salad which serves as a base. If the latter is obviously perfect in this balanced and healthy dish, it is not essential and tomatoes, cucumbers, apples, or even zucchini replace it perfectly.

Are there any prohibited ingredients in a wellness salad?

As said above, it's all a question of balance, you just have to have the right reflexes. For example, you definitely don’t skip the “fat” from your healthy salad but you have to choose the right ingredient. There is nothing wrong with including avocado (full of good fat) while avoiding cold meats (high in saturated animal fats). Same observation for cheese, mozzarella, while light, will not unbalance the whole, while double cream cheeses should be used sparingly. Generally speaking, the charcuterie-cheese-croutons trio should be used in moderation in a healthy salad or even skipped altogether for other ingredients richer in fiber, nutrients and minerals.

For inspiration, here are 14 gourmet equations for a healthy salad to enjoy all summer long.

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