How to make a successful veggie aperitif platter?

Choose suitable containers

The ideal? A marble or wooden board or a ceramic presentation dish. The dips will be showcased in pretty bowls. Little tip: don't forget to add picks in one corner of the board.

Select seasonal products

The basis for a fresh and environmentally friendly tray! In summer, we treat ourselves to cherry tomatoes, yellow zucchini, purple cauliflower, cucumbers, carrots, radishes…

Play with colors

With purple endives, yellow zucchini, etc., we create a summer scene full of cheerfulness! You can also rely on edible flowers to add a touch of poetry. Another bias: have fun with just one or two colors like on our white and green tray in collaboration with content creator Manon Laime: cheese, cauliflower, meringue, white chocolate madeleines and hummus for the white-beige tones , olives and grapes for the green.

Bet on dips

A hummus and/or a tzatziki spiced up with yuzu lemon juice are perfect for adding a tangy and delicious touch to raw vegetables.

Dare to be sweet and salty

Why not a complete brunch platter? With salmon, Comté cheese, avocado, burrata, pastries, madeleines… Practical advice: separate the sweet from the savory with bread or crackers.

Take care of your preparations…

Generally speaking, we prefer finely cut vegetables: carrot and cucumber sticks, rosettes of black radishes or avocado, ribbons of zucchini grated with a mandolin, small bouquets of cauliflower.

…And its presentation

We start by placing the dip bowls, for example one in a corner of the tray and another in the middle to air out the composition and set the tone. Then we turn around with the vegetables going from the largest pieces to the smallest. We mix colors and volumes by dispersing the shapes and types of vegetables. Finally, we spontaneously place the cherry tomatoes on the vegetables before filling the holes with, for example, walnuts or almonds. Finally, we finish with the toppings.

To finish beautifully

With toppings on the entire platter: edible flowers, sprouts, herbs, oilseeds, dried figs cut in half… And on the dips: chopped chives, pomegranate seeds, currants…

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