24 Horribly Good Halloween Cakes

On October 31, it’s time for witches, pumpkins, ghosts, spiders and tombstones that will make us shiver. And for dessert, we never, ever skip a spooky Halloween cake. How to achieve it? Tips, tricks and recipes.

How to make a Halloween cake?

Bet on a gory Halloween cake

The Halloween party is an opportunity to bluff young and old with a scenography worthy of the greatest horror films. But be careful, on Halloween, there are codes to respect. Among these, the presence of blood, which will make our cake deliciously dripping and gory. In terms of production, don’t worry, no kitten has been executed on the altar of gluttony, just use red fruit coulis, or create fake blood from scratch with water, starch, corn or agave syrup, and red coloring. All that remains is to pour the liquid on the cake at the last moment before cutting it open with a large knife, taking inspiration from the best slashers.

On the importance of decoration

If taste is never a secondary notion of a dessert, in the case of a Halloween cake, it is the decoration that takes on all its importance! Chocolate crumble to imitate the earth; tombstone-shaped cookies; meringue bones; gut, brain or pumpkin in marzipan; plastic spiders; meringue ghosts; the ideas for decorating your Halloween cake are numerous and often simpler to make than it seems.

Halloween cupcakes in the spotlight

Whether you choose to prepare a large cake or individual delights, like Halloween cupcakes, the size is of little importance, but the thrill must always be included! As for color, we rely on dark chocolate to imitate the night and the earth, red fruits for the blood, orange coloring for the pumpkins, or even meringue, fondant or royal icing for immaculate ghosts.

If cupcakes are not our strong point, we can easily prefer Halloween cookies, easy to make but also to transport.

Here, in pictures, are some ideas for Halloween cakes to make you shiver with pleasure.

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