6 recipes to make in just three easy steps

Self-taught, Clémence Gommy became famous thanks to her roasted eggplants with tahini yogurt sauce and her irresistible cookies with seeds, chocolate and halva that she served in her former restaurant, Gomi Paris. Then she reconverted into an event caterer, which is snapped up by top brands (Évian, Make Up For Ever, the Le Crayon media, the Shakespeare and Company bookstore, etc.).

His credo? Generous recipes that require few ingredients and few preparation steps. “To let go and lighten my brain in the kitchen, especially in the summer, I go straight to the product. Basic cooking that can be done in no time using market ingredients that don’t necessarily deserve cooking.”

Right now, the stalls are full of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs that allow you to have fun improvising a simple meal with flavor. Her essentials? Full-grown tomatoes and yellow nectarines, which she works with in both sweet and savory dishes. “I really like creating sunny and colorful recipes by mixing sweet fruits with vegetables, for example juicy cherries in a beautiful green bean salad.”

Nothing is complicated for this specialist in Mediterranean cuisine

Nothing is complicated for this Mediterranean cuisine specialist. Sometimes, all it takes is an original seasoning to spice up an express gazpacho. So she juggles with olive oil, tahini, lemon juice and garlic. She also draws inspiration from Japanese vinaigrettes, which she always finds delicious. To have fun and vary the pleasures, she relies on a few exotic grocery products, such as sesame, ponzu, soy sauce or miso, which she loves, and which bring an umami touch to any salad. “In the summer, the outdoor barbecue makes life easier by grilling onions, peppers or eggplants, it brings a little smoky taste that I love so much, while coloring a holiday table!”

Her secret to relaxed summer cooking? Focusing on the same product that she uses in several recipes, without wasting anything, like with fresh herbs (basil, mint, etc.) – her obsession – which are used to wrap around lettuce leaves as an aperitif or, mixed with eggs, make an excellent oriental omelette (read the recipes). “I also put cheese everywhere, feta, mozzarella, goat cheese, etc. for a creamy note that contrasts with the crunchiness of the vegetables.”

Roasted hazelnuts and almonds bring a mild and slightly sweet flavor as well as a crunchy texture. » Indispensable in her cupboards are chickpeas, which she browns for 15 minutes at 180°C with paprika and olive oil. A crunchy topping that she prepares in advance and keeps in an airtight container before adding to salads, or that she serves as an aperitif, to nibble on. Who is the queen of summer?

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Candied tomato from Asti and ponzu

“I serve this recipe discovered in Japan as a starter or to share as an aperitif.”

For 1 person:

1. Scald 1 country tomato for 15 seconds then immerse it in an ice water bath to peel it.

2. Mix in a bowl 1 tablespoon of salted soy sauce, 1 of ponzu sauce, 1 of sesame oil and 1 of dashi broth (optional).

3. Pour this marinade on the quartered tomato.

© Bastien Lattanzio

Peach and fresh mint iced tea

“It’s the good idea of ​​the summer: a healthy drink, without sugar and with taste, to prepare in advance, with tea to let infuse and with any fruits (yellow or red) and herbs (basil, mint, thyme, rosemary…), there are no rules.”

For 1 liter:

1. Let it brew the day before, cold in 1 liter of water, 1 tea bag of your choice (my favorite, green tea with lemon) in the refrigerator overnight.

2. The next day, Cut 1 peach into quarters and infuse with 1 bunch of mint.

3. Book chill and serve with ice cubes.

Trick Prepare with 1 bag of cold brew tea if you are in a hurry.


© Bastien Lattanzio

Mussels with ‘Nduja and fennel

“A sharing dish, to be served with lots of salad, which goes very well with ‘nduja, a minced and spicy pork sausage made in Italy. The little touch of raw fennel brings the freshness we want in summer to lighten the spicy side.”

For 4 people :

1. Slice Finely chop 1 shallot and brown it for 2 minutes in a large sauté pan with 40 g of ‘nduja.

2. Add 1.5 l of previously washed mussels, then 20 cl of white wine or beer. Cook until the mussels open.

3. Serve sprinkled with thin strips of fennel cut with a mandolin.


© Bastien Lattanzio

Herb bouquet, miso and lemon bites

“A lovely, super fresh and healthy bite for an aperitif, without oil, just miso, lemon and herbs. The rest of the herbs can be kept in damp absorbent paper in a cool place in a plastic box.”

For 6 persons :

1. Assemble in this order 1 leaf of lamb’s lettuce with 1 dash of white miso, stick on top 1 leaf of basil, 1 leaf of mint, 1 leaf of coriander.

2. Deposit a few drops of lemon juice on top.

3. Tie all with 3 sprigs of chives per bunch to obtain bites to eat with your fingertips. Repeat the operation.


© Bastien Lattanzio

Kuku Sazabi with herbs

“Originating from Persian cuisine, this beautiful deep green recipe is a change from the traditional omelette and allows you to reuse leftover herbs. A little Iranian touch, fragrant, with pomegranate seeds or cranberries.”

To share in 6 parts:

1. Mix 6 eggs, 2 bunches of parsley, 1 bunch of coriander, 1 bunch of basil with 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder and 2 of olive oil, until you obtain a very green preparation.

2. Deposit in a 20 cm diameter frying pan with hot oil.

3. Leave Cook over medium heat, without turning the mixture, for 10-15 minutes. Serve sprinkled with pomegranate seeds or with a few cranberries.


© Bastien Lattanzio

Strawberry Eton Mess

“A deconstructed pavlova that is super easy to prepare, requires no work if you buy everything in the store, and mixes whipped cream, strawberry coulis and meringue.”

For 4 people :

1. Explode roughly 1 large meringue of 60 g into pieces.

2. Mix in a bowl 200 g of whole liquid cream with 50 g of mascarpone, 1 tablespoon of sugar and whisk into whipped cream.

3. Rinse and hull 200 g of strawberries. Blend about ten strawberries to make a coulis and cut the others in half. Assemble and serve.


© Bastien Lattanzio

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