8 Signs You're Eating Too Much Sugar

You are addicted to sugar

The sweeter you eat, the more sweet you crave! It’s a fact that sugar is addictive. An addiction from which it is difficult to detoxify. However, if we reduce the amount of sugar, we can easily lose weight, feel lighter, in better shape but also appear younger because sugar causes us to age prematurely. Indeed, under the effect of sugar, collagen and elastin, responsible for the density and elasticity of the skin, stiffen. Afterwards, you won’t be able to say that you don’t know.

You feel slowed down throughout the day

To be energetic throughout the day, you must avoid overconsumption of sugar which increases insulin production up to the famous insulin “peak” which promotes fat storage. A state which is characterized by a general state of fatigue and which slows down the brain. We therefore avoid, as far as possible, over-sweetening and instead seek to balance our plate at mealtimes with protein and fiber intake.

Your skin is oilier

Sugar consumption has a visible effect on the complexion and can even trigger a skin rash such as acne or rosacea. To cleanse oily skin, change your diet by reducing your sugar intake and balancing your diet.

You are moody

The spike in blood sugar, the effect of overconsumption of sugar, causes mood swings, fatigue and makes you irritable. By reducing your sugar consumption, you manage your emotions much better and are less prone to mood swings.

You have gained weight

Excess sugar causes the pancreas to overwork, triggering a surge in insulin, which causes the body to resist this hormone and undoubtedly cause weight gain. You must therefore limit sugar in your diet as much as possible, and rather fructose which, metabolized by the liver, like alcohol, is immediately transformed into fat.

You have more cavities

Saliva keeps the pH of the mouth in balance, but sugar has an impact on this microbial balance. Bacteria therefore have a greater chance of thriving and multiplying there, to the point of causing cavities.

Your brain slows down after a meal

Excess sugar causes the pancreas to overwork, which tires the body and slows down the normal functioning of the brain.

When no food tastes as sweet as sugar

This state characterizes that of sugar addiction. A dependence that can be as addictive as a drug while more and more WHO reports specify the link between health problems and overconsumption of sugar. Follow common sense rules, go green, and balance your menus.

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