Chef's recipe: the chocolate mousse from Claire Heitzler's signature cake

From June 21 to September 8, the Invalides terminal is transformed into a giant pop-up restaurant – called Coca-Cola Food Fest – around corners of street food from around the world, but also happenings, broadcast of sporting events and programming musical. On the menu, 9 guest chefs and 1 pastry chef, Claire Heitzler, chosen to promote French pastry dear to the French but also to tourists, fond of our delicacies!

HER at the table. – Tell us about your participation in the Coca-Cola Food Fest.

Claire Heitzler. – I agreed to participate in this project in relation to the approach taken towards eco-responsibility and producers. The specifications that were sent to us correspond to my way of working directly with producers, only seasonal products, while paying attention to the entire impact.

HER at the table. – In your store in Levallois, you only work to order to avoid waste.

CH – In any case, mainly to order. We always have a few products available on a daily basis to meet the demand of customers who discover us by chance, without knowing the concept. But the range on site is really limited. I don’t have a refrigerated display like in traditional pastries, the concept is designed to encourage customers to order. This allows us to considerably limit food waste. At the end of the day, our fridges are empty and as a result, consumers do not eat pastries or unsold items from the day before. Everything is fresh daily. I start from the principle that a good pastry is like a good baguette, it’s good when it’s eaten the day it was made.

SHE at the table. – You are the only chef who will offer pastries.

CH – We will offer both traditional pastries by the slice and also frozen desserts. It’s the middle of summer, it’s going to be hot and it’s going to be good for everyone. And then the ice cream, I find it’s a fun playground. Everything will be produced in my laboratory, with my teams.
We have to be accessible to everyone and not make elitist products, so we’re going to have a strawberry cake, a little rose cake, our signature chocolate and vanilla cake. The goal is to remain faithful to my way of working and my universe, while releasing the same quality of product despite larger volumes. But I want to keep the same quality and authenticity on my products, whether at the Food Fest or at my store. Most of the Food Fest pastries will also be available from us.

HER at the table. – Can you show us your signature cake?

CH – It’s a cake called “Racine” to refer to local products that are sourced in France. We have a chocolate biscuit, a cocoa bean crunch, a chocolate mousse and a vanilla cream. Chocolate and vanilla, it’s a very classic and delicious duo but super well balanced by the textures.

Claire Heitzler’s signature cake chocolate mousse recipe

For 4 people

1 sheet of gelatin
125 g of whole milk
10 g of sugar
140 g of 70% dark chocolate
250 g of cream

Soften the gelatin in cold water.
Boil the milk and sugar, add the drained gelatin leaf.
Gradually pour this mixture into the melted chocolate so that you have a smooth mixture.
Leave to cool to 40°C then add the whipped cream.
Leave to rest in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours.

Claire Heitzler & Producers

9 rue du Parc
92300 Levallois-Perret

Coca-Cola Food Fest

From June 21 to September 8, Monday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to midnight

Invalides terminal
Street food from 5 continents, 2 bars and a pastry shop

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