Fresh and light: this essential Moroccan salad contains only two ingredients

Fresh, light and seasonal, here are three words to describe the contents of this small bowl with red and purple highlights. A must-have recipe for Moroccan cuisine, this salad, ready in no time, will quickly become your favorite starter as the preparation is easy and the result delicious.

In Morocco, meals traditionally begin with raw vegetable salads such as cucumber and oregano salad, or cold vegetable purees, depending on the season. Served in small bowls and plates, these are a pleasure for both the palate and the eyes, and create a festival of colors on the table.

How to make a Moroccan tomato and onion salad?


The basic Moroccan salad recipe includes very few ingredients: tomatoes, red onions, salt, pepper and olive oil. Many also add cucumber, and spice everything up with a squeeze of lemon juice or a little vinegar.

In terms of quantity, for two people, there are approximately 2 tomatoes, 1 onion and 1 cucumber (if using), or on average ½ onion per tomato. But in reality, there are no rules as such. The proportions vary and depend on individual taste.


Once the tomato and onion have been passed under cold water (and possibly the cucumber), cut everything into small cubes, without removing the skin and seeds. Finally, we put all the food in a bowl, before seasoning everything with spices, herbs and oil.

Proven seasonings

Nothing prevents you from adding your own little touch and flavoring your salad with a pinch of cumin, or a small spoonful of orange blossom. Some also add fresh herbs like coriander, mint or parsley, finely chopped. As decoration, you can, for example, embellish your plate with black olives or lettuce leaves.

The tasting

The Moroccan tomato and onion salad is enjoyed freshly prepared as a starter accompanied, for example, by homemade briouates, a small bowl of lentils or carrots flavored with cumin depending on the season. It is also served as an accompaniment, alongside a candied lemon chicken tagine, or grilled meats.

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