Galette des rois: 6 tips for making frangipane light

Succeed in your light frangipane

We skip the butter

For an almond cream without butter, reduce the fat content of the recipe by twisting the portion of butter with petit-suisse cheese, 0% white cheese or almond puree. Delicious !

We think of the pastry sheet

Easy and no less tasty, we validate the pancake which has swapped the puff pastry for brick sheet.

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We reduce white sugar

We know that when we pay attention to our figure, we try to remove white sugar from our desserts by replacing it with a vegetable alternative (agave syrup, coconut sugar or muscovado) and by reviewing the proportions, at least of half. But also seen the idea of ​​the cake without sugar and garnished with seasonal fruits which will naturally sweeten and give flavor to the cake while providing fiber and minerals (grapefruit, orange, apples, pineapple, exotic fruits…)

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We rely on cornstarch

This is not new, to reduce the caloric content of a dessert, we replace all or part of the flour in the recipe with cornstarch, reducing the dosage by half (50 g of cornstarch for 100 g of flour). For a lighter galette des rois, you can add 1 tbsp. of cornstarch to make your frangipane.

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We think of egg white

A good, simple idea: add an egg white to the frangipane rather than a whole egg to make it lighter…

We favor compote

We replace the frangipane with cooked fruit like an apple-kiwi compote for example.

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