World Pastry Stars 2023: the best chocolatier in the world is French

Journalists and gastronomic critics gathered for this new edition of the international pastry congress. During this event, the jury looked for the rare pearl, where the mastery of the art of chocolate shines. The distinction was awarded to French chocolatier Jean-Paul Hévin, now ambassador of French chocolate.

A world congress

The World Pastry Stars is an event that brings together pastry chefs, artisans and experts in chocolate and confectionery. An event to discover the latest gourmet trends. At the end of this, a prize rewards the creative abilities of a chef and his mastery in the transformation of ingredients.

Among the chocolate manufacturing techniques presented, more than 50 countries were brought together, including France, which brilliantly stood out, with the nomination of the big winner: Jean-Paul Hévin.

Jean-Paul Hévin, committed chocolatier

Relaunching the cocoa activity is Jean-Paul Hévin’s commitment. His goal ? Deploy harvesting actions in Cameroon, to promote agroforestry and improve the living conditions of local families. A post-harvest processing center located in Nkolossang was specially inaugurated there by the chocolatier last September.

Fair trade cocoa

What sets Hévin chocolates apart? The quality and deliciousness of their cocoa. To be enjoyed as a 70% bar with notes of honey and chestnut as well as a chocolate and almond biscuit, crispy dark chocolate streusel and 70% Cameroon grand cru dark chocolate mousse.

Coating treats with chocolate is also one of his specialties. Little pleasures to be found in marshmallow bars, truffles or orangettes.

If its creations also make your mouth water, visit its eight Parisian boutiques, on its website, or even in Japan, as far as Taiwan.

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