How to carve a pumpkin for Halloween?

Carving a pumpkin: the right utensils

We choose a pumpkin if we want a small round tealight holder, a pumpkin if we prefer classic lanterns, or a butternut squash if originality is our credo. But apart from a beautiful squash and a good knife, the most important thing when you want to make this legendary tealight holder is to be patient. Yes, a beautiful pumpkin does not empty in the blink of an eye!

Steps for carving a pumpkin

After having cut a nice lid on the top of the squash, scoop out the flesh with a spoon and scoop out until the edge of the squash is of uniform thickness. This is the biggest part of the work! Then next step, we draw on the pumpkin the design we want to make. Here, everything is permitted: a grin worthy of a Tim Burton film or the cat from “Alice in Wonderland”; a friendly face so as not to scare the children who came to ask for their “trick or treat” (“a candy or a spell” in French); dripping teeth or a gaping hole to make room for vampire dentures, etc. You can also bypass tradition and simply draw a ghost or a bat. Then, we dig with a knife following the drawing. Using a large black marker, you can improve your creation and add details that are too delicate to dig, such as eyelashes, a spider web, a skull, etc. Good to know: it is better to cut fairly large holes , so that the light diffuses properly and the candle has enough air to burn. When everything is ready, slide a candle inside. To avoid accidents and have an original look, we replace the classic candle with an electric candle which changes color automatically. We finish by putting the lid back in its place. Happy Halloween!

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