Lactose-free pancakes: which vegetable milk to use?

How to make lactose-free pancake batter?

Before skipping lactose, you must already know what the classic pancake batter is made of. With wheat flour, eggs, and milk, we have the basis of standard pancakes. Obviously, part of the milk can be replaced by water or beer, all flavored with rum or orange blossom. And if you prepare buckwheat pancakes using filtered water, the question of lactose does not arise!

The use of vegetable milk

To skip cow’s milk, we simply switch to plant-based milk. Almond, hazelnut, cashew, soy, oat, or even rice milk, it doesn’t matter the kind, since they are all lactose-free. Also, their flavor is very discreet, so will not add any taste to the preparation. Also prefer homemade vegetable milk made from soaked oilseeds + filtered water, to avoid unnecessary additions of sugar or other. Otherwise, analyze the label to check the composition of the drink. We can never repeat it enough: sugar is everywhere!

How to prepare minute vegetable milk?

If you don’t have vegetable milk on hand, but you have oilseed puree (almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts), you can also prepare quick vegetable milk by diluting 50 g of puree with 50 cl of ‘Hot water. Once cooled, you can use it in your pancake batter. An easy tip to remember, if you’re not sure whether you’ll consume your entire carton of plant-based milk, or you’ve forgotten to let your almonds soak overnight!

Vegetable creams

You can also replace cow’s milk with vegetable creams (soy, coconut) diluted with a little water. If the soy cream, with its neutral taste, will not bring any particular flavor to the dough, the coconut cream (you can also use coconut milk) will flavor it pleasantly.

The case of beer

Also be careful with the addition of certain beers which also contain lactose! It is better to check the composition before starting (especially in case of intolerance).

Once we have chosen the ingredient(s) to replace cow’s milk, we can begin preparing our lactose-free pancakes. Obviously, wheat flour is not the only option; gluten-free flours are also ideal for making pancake dough.

Happy candlelight!

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