How to easily make spoon cookies?

How to make soft and crispy spoon cookies?

Like its boudoir counterparts, it is rare for pastry novices to start making their own homemade spoon biscuits. And yet, this biscuit, which can be piped individually – like those available commercially – or on a plate for making desserts, requires only a few ingredients and technique to be successful.

The right ingredients

Spoon cookies are made with just three ingredients: eggs, sugar and flour. That’s all ? And yes, that’s it. Of course, you can flavor this preparation by adding cocoa, coffee extract, citrus zest, orange blossom, a splash of alcohol, matcha tea, etc. Be careful, as it is a beaten dough, very foamy, we take care not to include too “heavy” elements. Cocoa powder, yes, large chunks of dark chocolate, no.

Good gestures

Easier is harder. To make a large sheet of cookies or individual cookies, start by separating (clarifying) the whites of 4 eggs at room temperature. Lightly beat the yolks and set aside. We whip the egg whites at a low speed first, then gradually increase the speed. When they are sufficiently risen but not firm, tighten with 100g of sugar. We stop beating when the meringue is firm and forms the famous bird’s beak. Gently incorporate the beaten yolks, then 100g of sifted flour, mixing briefly. You should definitely not overwork the dough. The texture of the latter must be extremely airy and foamy. You may or may not incorporate a flavor into your dough (at the end of making the meringue) and prepare it.


As for dressing, you can either spread your dough over the entire surface of a baking sheet covered with parchment paper, or put it in a pocket and form individual biscuits. Be careful for individual biscuits, they swell slightly during baking, so if you want a sheet of biscuits for a charlotte for example (also called a “cartouchière”), you can pipe them closely, but if on the contrary, you want separate biscuits, then you will need to leave a minimum of space. For pearl biscuits, sprinkle them with icing sugar twice with an interval of a few minutes before baking.

The cooking

To cook a large baking tray, you need around ten minutes at 180°C/th.6.
For individual biscuits, allow 8 to 10 minutes at 200°C/th.6.5.

Cooking also depends on the thickness of the biscuits and the power of the oven. At the same temperature, not all ovens heat exactly the same way. If baking/coloring the cookies doesn’t suit you, you can extend it for a few minutes.

Once the biscuit is cooked, place it immediately on a rack, and as soon as it has cooled sufficiently, you can proceed to assembling your dessert.

What pastries to make with spoon biscuits?

Tiramisu, charlotte, log, strawberry, the spoon biscuit is a soft and delicious support which perfectly supports the layers of cream. Thanks to its thickness, it absorbs moisture quickly, but retains texture when tasting. In the case of tiramisu, take care to briefly dip your biscuits in coffee to prevent them from becoming saturated with liquid and no longer holding together. When assembling desserts, do not hesitate to summarily “soak” your biscuit with a spoon with a homemade syrup flavored with alcohol or spices to bring maximum flavor to the dessert.

Why are they called “spoon cookies”?

But why do these cookies have this specific name? Quite simply because originally, they were round in shape and not elongated like now, and they were simply poached “with a spoon” before the creation of the now essential piping bag. Obviously, nothing stops you – as in the old days – from piping your biscuits with a spoon for an authentic result (or if you simply don’t have a piping bag).

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