How to flavor strawberries – sometimes without taste – without adding sugar?

The guilty pleasure of summer desserts? A bowl of strawberries sprinkled with a little brown (or white) sugar, or even vegan or classic whipped cream, and that's it. When it comes to taste, strawberries are almost a game of chance: will they be tart, sweet enough, or divine? You never really know what to expect when choosing your strawberries on the market. When you come across those that have little taste, sugar always comes to the rescue. What if you thought outside the box with other flavor enhancers? Goodbye added sugar, make way for inventiveness.

To enhance the taste of strawberries, think “freshness”

Season the strawberry

Just like you season a salad or mozzarella balls, don't hesitate to pour a little balsamic vinegar over the strawberries! If you bought strawberries that are unfortunately too acidic, the balsamic vinegar will add a sweet and sour side, enough to make up for it all. If you choose balsamic cream, you'll get a slight extra sweet note.

For a more subtle taste, choose lime zest (or yellow depending on preference), without confusing the zest of the citrus fruit. By pouring a little lemon juice and adding a few pieces of lemon peel over the strawberries, expect a wonder. The result will be a little more acidic, enough to awaken the palate!

For a gourmet flavor, opt for vanilla extract. Mild, irresistible and naturally sweet, drizzle a teaspoon or two over the strawberries.

Herbs and spices to flavor the strawberry

The advantage of herbs and spices on the plate is that they enhance the flavor of the preparations very well. The little extra with their colors? They decorate. Chopped fresh mint or basil leaves perfectly freshen up a bowl of strawberries.

Otherwise, to add character to the strawberries, black pepper will be perfect. For a crunchy texture, a delicious flavor, and even a salty note, opt for crushed cashews or pecans. If you prefer spicy strawberries, ginger or even chili will add a boost of energy to your bowl of strawberries.

Guaranteed success!

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