How to make a Spanish tortilla?

Round and thick, the tortilla is a Spanish omelette made from diced potatoes, which is generally served as a main dish.

How to make a Spanish tortilla?


For four people, you need around 6 eggs and 4 large potatoes. Season everything with a pinch of salt and pepper, not forgetting the olive oil for cooking the potatoes.

The preparation

We start by washing the potatoes, before cutting them into small cubes, which we cook over low heat in a pan with plenty of olive oil. The potatoes must be bathed in oil. Leave to simmer for around 15 to 20 minutes until they are golden brown and crispy.

Meanwhile, beat the eggs into an omelette with a little salt and pepper. Then add the cooked potatoes, and pour everything into a hot pan, greased with oil or butter. Let the omelette cook for a few minutes, without stirring. When the bottom side seems fairly cooked, use a large plate to carefully turn the omette over to cook the other side. Finally, we serve everything cut into pieces.

For a lighter version, you can also cook the diced potatoes in water before adding them to the eggs.


The Spanish tortilla recipe is so easy that it allows for a multitude of variations. To do this, simply add various ingredients to the preparation such as cheese, peppers, onions, tomatoes, or even diced ham. As for spices, you can spice it up with chili or paprika.

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