How to prepare an express Valentine's Day menu?

To delight your loved one on Valentine’s Day evening, we rely on quality products that can be easily upgraded to create an exceptional menu.

As a starter, ceviche is always a good idea! Prepared with lean meat, passion fruit, lime, orange juice and soy sauce, simply let it marinate for 15 minutes in the fridge before serving.

© Akiko Ida

For the main course, we take inspiration from this recipe for Saint-Jacques Rossini from the Ritz school in which roasted scallops combine with pan-fried foie gras and truffle sauce to make Valentine’s Day and meals rhyme. gastronomic.


© Jean-Claude Amiel

And for dessert, we’re all about these mini chocolate soufflés in which the granola brings just the right amount of crunch to the taste.

Mini granola soufflés

© Jérôme Bilic

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