Our fall comfort food notebook

Chestnut, squash, mushroom, apple, pear or even cinnamon are some of the essential flavors that bring autumn to the plate and morale in high spirits. Comfort food to savor without hesitation.

Long live fall comfort food

Comfort foods on the menu

In autumn, we move towards comfort foods that comfort, reassure, and sometimes take us back to childhood. If on the early side, autumn vegetables such as squash, mushrooms, but also apples or even hazelnuts, delight taste buds and pupils in roasted or grilled versions, on the basket side, we fall for all the recipes based on melted cheese (raclette , Mont d’Or, Camembert, etc.) which brighten up sandwiches, gratins, and other dishes with sauce.

Soup, fast comfort food

When temperatures are dropping and morale is at half mast, nothing beats a reassuring homemade soup to soothe your heart. And when it comes to fall soup, cucurbits are a winner. Pumpkin, butternut, pumpkin, everything is possible. The little extra of pumpkin? It does not peel, and mixes with the skin. Guaranteed time saving!

Pleasure dessert recipes

When we think of comfort food, if the salty part dripping with tempting excess comes directly to mind, the sweet part should not be forgotten, like autumn cakes. Hot chocolate, spice cake, apple tart or pie, dessert covered in melted chocolate, pancakes drowned in salted butter caramel sauce, or even cinnamon rolls, this fall, we’re thinking of pleasure.

And to finally convince yourself, here is our notebook of 40 generous and comforting recipes spotted on Pinterest.

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