Keeping your tomatoes longer is possible with this tip

To keep all the flavors of the tomato and make it last longer, we say goodbye to cold storage and opt for room temperature. Take out the baskets or kraft paper and place your tomatoes in them. But be careful, not just any way.

The tomato, to keep whole?

We keep everything from the tomato and place it whole at room temperature in the kitchen. The peduncle, this small green stem that is removed when tasting, should be left for conservation. It prevents air from infiltrating the heart of the tomato, whatever its variety, and thus slows down its ripening process. It may happen that the peduncle was removed after picking the tomato and that only the pretty red ball is present on the market stalls. In this case, we place our fruit “head down” in the basket, to block access to air.

Preserve your environment

Storing a tomato is not just a matter of temperature, it is a whole environment to plan for.

It should not be placed near other fruits such as apples or bananas which could, through their ethylene emissions, cause each other to ripen too quickly. These gases that they release naturally reduce their life expectancy so it is better not to mix them. You can also wrap each tomato individually, in newspaper for example. We place the basket of our tomatoes away from light and windows, in a place where we know that the temperature will remain constant. Time for tasting: rinse the tomatoes with clean water before serving them. All these conditions met, your tomatoes will keep up to five days longer depending on their state of maturation and will retain all their nutritional qualities and flavors.

Conversely, if you want to speed up the ripening process, place them around an avocado.

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