Leftover rice fries for Antoine


  • leftover Creole rice cooked in a rice cooker (without fat)

  • leftover grated hard cheese (Emmenthal, Comté Beaufort etc.), i.e. 20% of the volume of rice

  • frying oil


  1. Add the grated cheese to the still hot rice and mix until the mixture is well compacted.

  2. Pour a layer of still hot rice (2 cm high) into a frame, a square dish or even a frying pan. Press down well using a spatula.

  3. Leave to cool for 6 hours, then carefully unmold. Cut fries into the block of rice.

  4. Heat a drizzle of frying oil in a pan and place the fries. Brown them on all sides by turning them a quarter turn each time and making sure that the fries do not touch each other. If necessary, add a dash of frying oil again.

  5. Drain the fries on absorbent paper. Serve with ketchup. Don’t salt the fries, the cheese will take care of it.

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