Oriental cuisine: here are 3 recipes from Ukrainian, Sudanese and Ugandan chefs

We were telling you about Bande de Cheffes, the community brunch facing the Eiffel Tower. From now on, we share with you 3 of the recipes served there and signed by their chefs. Refugees, these strong women, eager to share these recipes dear to their childhood memories, told us their story. Today, their new activity is the fruit of their success in France. So that you can in turn taste traditional family transmissions with your loved ones, here are their recipes!

Basbossa coconut combawa by chef Samah Elfatih

“As a child, I often watched the women in my family cook, I wanted to participate in this feminine atmosphere in the kitchen, and above all, enjoy good times with my loved ones. Coming to France was for me an aspiration for another life, better opportunities. My French teacher introduced me to the Bande de Cheffes project, which immediately appealed to me. And thanks to Bande de cheffes I found my place in French society, working like any other citizen. »

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Samah Elfatih shares with us a recipe straight from Sudan: basbossa coconut combawa. This dessert, very famous in her country, is the first made by the chef with her sister when she was younger. “When I make this dessert, I think of my family, so there are a lot of emotions behind it. » Taste-wise, these little balls prepared from flour are divinely scented with coconut with a “very pronounced citrus scent, even more intense than traditionally”. On your aprons, here is the recipe:


100g organic grated coconut
50 g of organic durum wheat semolina
50 g of organic flour – T55
50 g of organic butter 50 ml of organic milk
100 g of organic crystal sugar (50 g for the preparation/50 g for the syrup)
1 organic combawa lemon
A pinch of salt
5 g of organic yeast

Recipe sequence

Coconut semolina base

Preheat the oven to tea. 6 (180°C). Pour the semolina, grated coconut, flour, sugar, milk, then the yeast into a container and mix. Pour the melted butter into the dough. Pour the mixture into mini muffin molds approximately 3 cm in diameter. Bake for 35 minutes.

Combawa lemon syrup

While cooking, prepare the syrup. To do this, pour the rest of the sugar into a saucepan then add a little water, the zest and the juice of the kaffir lime. Remove from the oven, place the basbossa in a slightly hollow dish and sprinkle them with the syrup obtained while still hot. Leave to cool completely and rest for two hours, while the cakes soak up the syrup.


To serve, arrange the cakes in your serving dish, layering them in a pyramid. Sprinkle them with a little more grated coconut and enjoy!

Drakini by chef Nataliia Chechko

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Nataliia Chechko arrived in France in 2022 after the start of the invasion of Ukraine. “I am not a professional cook but I have a long experience as a cook for my family. » For the simple pleasure of cooking, the chef now delights with the Bandes de Cheffes buffet. Among the recipes offered to brunch visitors, we find his drakinis.

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“Easy, quick and tasty”, these are the key words of this recipe, small potato pancakes which are “an integral part of everyday life in Ukraine”. No special skills are required for their preparation, the main ingredient of which is potatoes. “My grandmother prepared these pancakes every time I went to her house as a child. They can be fried in oil or “salo” (pig fat). Since my mother also prepared them regularly, it was easy for me to learn how to cook them. The main ingredients of this recipe are also grown in France, so it is very simple to prepare it at home: potatoes, red onions or shallots for the garnish and crème fraîche and fried onions for accompaniments. »


600 g organic potatoes
2 Roscoff onions, medium size
1 clove of white garlic from Drôme
2 organic eggs
2 tablespoons of organic wheat flour – T55
Ground Selim berry
A pinch of salt
1 knob of organic butter to grease the pan when cooking
Raw cream for serving

Recipe sequence

Grate (without peeling them, “since it’s all in the skin”, especially if they are organic) and finely chop the two onions, crush the garlic and mix the 3 ingredients. Then add the 2 eggs, flour, berries and salt. Mix everything until you obtain a workable, slightly moist dough.

The cooking

Heat the pan with a small knob of butter (cut with a drop of sunflower oil to prevent it from blackening). Using a spoon, spread portions of batter into the pan. “It doesn't matter if the edges of the pancakes are irregular; on the contrary, it will give them a rustic appearance. » Finally, make sure that the thickness of the pancakes does not exceed 1 cm. This way, “they will cook well inside!” “. Grill them on both sides until they are nicely browned.


Serve straight out of the pan with a small spoonful of raw cream and all you have to do is go to the table!

Gift vegetarian cake from chef Gift Kysakya

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“I fled the political situation of the Ugandan government which does not defend women's rights. When I arrived in France in 2019, my social worker introduced me to “Bande de Cheffes”. I'm happy because I found a job, I improved my level of French a lot, although when I arrived I had to sleep on the street, which wasn't easy at all. »

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Gift's vegetarian cake, a vegetable cake, is a recipe directly passed down from her grandmother. “We grow a lot of vegetables in Uganda. There, my grandmother and I always cooked together. » By adapting the vegetables integrated into this cake according to the season, “I want to show the diversity of our cuisine”. These cakes, lightly seasoned with Tandoori spices, are guaranteed to be as soft and tasty as possible.


250 g of organic carrots
250 g of organic leeks 250
35 ml of organic milk
150 g of organic flour – T55
50 g of organic grated Emmental
2 cloves of organic garlic
10 g of organic yeast
35 ml of organic olive oil
2 organic eggs
1 teaspoon Tandoori spices
A pinch of salt
1 sprig of organic flat-leaf parsley

Recipe sequence

The vegetables

Preheat the oven to tea. 6 (180°C). Grate the carrots (while keeping the skin if you wish, “it is excellent for your health!”) and slice the leeks, keeping the green part. “I use the whole vegetable because the green part of the leek has the most flavor. » Lightly roast the vegetables in the oven for between 20 and 30 minutes depending on the power of your oven.

The base

Meanwhile, chop the garlic, then mix all the other ingredients with it. Pour the preparation over the roasted vegetables then everything into a cake mold. Bake for 45 minutes.


Arrange the cake in your serving dish and sprinkle with finely chopped flat-leaf parsley. Finally, the chef recommends waiting until the cake has cooled slightly before cutting it (otherwise, it risks crumbling). Serve !

Recipes to try directly at Bande de cheffes
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Until June 2024
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