These fall desserts that inspire us

With its leaves in shades of orange, red, and brown, its overlapping silhouettes, and its spices, autumn is the ideal season to prepare comforting desserts with seasonal products and colors.

How to make a fall dessert?

Spices for everything

When we think of fall cuisine, it’s impossible to ignore cinnamon, the star spice of the season. In a cake, pancakes, crepes, or a pie, it warms certain fruits like apples and pears to give them a sweet autumn flavor. But cinnamon isn’t the only spice you can use this season. Ginger, allspice, cardamom, or even cloves are also excellent ingredients to slip into any cake batter.

Good seasonal products

If autumn recipes with apples and pears come directly to mind when imagining your dessert, we can also head without blinking towards figs, hazelnuts – and in general all oilseeds such as almonds and many nuts – but also pumpkin or squash which are wonderful for sweets. Delights that can also be flavored with coffee or caramel, comforting “warm” flavors, perfectly in tune with an autumn recipe.

Warm desserts on the menu

In terms of preparation, this season, we’re focusing on desserts that are divine served warm. Crumbles, generous pancakes topped with flowing caramel, deliciously caramelized roasted bananas, or even fondant chocolate cake, the ideas are numerous, and deliciousness is always there.

Mouthwatering desserts to discover in pictures.

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