Tip: How to cook pumpkin?

Prepare the pumpkin before cooking

To get rid of the thick peel of the pumpkin, we cut it into quarters, taking care to remove all the seeds, which we can then salt and toast in the oven (#zerowastage). The peel is then removed with a peeler or vegetable shaver. We finish by cutting it into small cubes.

How to cook pumpkin?

Pumpkin is a rustic vegetable that is mostly eaten cooked, although it can also be enjoyed raw. And good news, you can cook it in different ways. You can let it cook, cut into cubes, in a broth with herbs before putting it in a blender to make a soup. It is also very good when cut into cubes, simply placed on a baking tray with salt and a drizzle of olive oil. As a gratin with grated cheese, it works wonders. But it can also be enjoyed sautéed in a pan to accompany poultry or game.

For a change and try a festive starter, you can try an exotic soup with coconut milk and to bluff at the table, slip pumpkin cubes into a stew or couscous. With its slightly sweet flavor, it is overwhelming in flavor!

And for the most reluctant, it is always possible to try pumpkin desserts. Flans, cakes or even tarts, they are always popular, like the famous pumpkin pie flavored with orange zest, cinnamon, ginger and cloves, so dear to the Anglo-Saxons.

Cooking time for pumpkin in a pan : 20 minutes in water, 25 minutes for a melting result

Cooking time for pumpkin in the oven : 30 minutes (depending on the size of the pieces)

Cooking time for pumpkin in the pan : 15 minutes (depending on the size of the pieces)

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