True or False: Eggs Store Best in the Refrigerator

On the market stalls, the eggs are in the open air. However, once at home, many of us adopt this reflex: place them in the refrigerator. Is this really necessary when we know that they have spent hours in the open air since they were laid? Not necessarily.

Eggs don’t keep better at room temperature than in the refrigerator.

Systematically placing your eggs in the refrigerator as an obligation is a myth. At least, not an obligation. It is true that placing them in a cool place protects them from any sudden change in temperature. However, that doesn’t change anything else. You can already save space in your refrigerator, since we reassure you that eggs left in the cupboards pose absolutely no risk. They will even be preserved in their most natural state.

Why do I have compartments reserved for eggs in my refrigerator?

If storing them in a cool place seems obvious to us, it is undoubtedly due to this support dedicated to eggs that is found in all refrigerator doors. This small rectangular hollow platform, designed to place eggs outside their box, is in fact only really useful in the United States.

The explanation? In the United States, the famous white eggs are all washed before being sold. From that moment on, refrigeration on shelves and dedicated compartments in the refrigerator is necessary, since, when rinsing the egg shell, the protective barrier that was present there is weakened, or even eliminated. All must therefore be protected from bacteria present in the air.

In France, on the other hand, eggs are not washed after laying. They are directly marketed, as is, regardless of whether feathers, soil or residue are still attached to the shell. Don’t see anything dirty in that, since, in any case, it is not the shell that we consume, but the contents of the egg. Marketing eggs in their pure state means maintaining in place the protective film that coats the shell that the hen produces when laying eggs. So we definitely don’t wash our eggs and we leave them as is.

You will have understood, there was no point in investing so much energy in preserving your eggs, since they are in fact much better natural, without the need for us to add our grain of salt.

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