What are the lowest calorie summer vegetables?

The cucumber

The cucumber, full of water, is one of the lowest-calorie summer vegetables with only 13.2 kcal/100g! Thinly sliced ​​into rounds, or cut into sticks to dip in a fromage blanc sauce, it is ideal when you want to refresh yourself and lighten your plate. It is also perfect in a pickled version, to prepare in advance, and to slip into a salad or a sandwich.

The lettuce

With 14.6 kcal/100g, lettuce is a summer salad, in peak season in August, which adapts to a number of flavors. With marinated or smoked fish, cold meats, cheese, grated raw vegetables, berries, or even grilled meat, we can eat it all summer long without hesitation.

The courgette

Zucchini is part of the cucurbit family, like pumpkin, cucumber or butternut squash, which is in peak season in August. With 16.5 kcal/100g, it is ultra-light and easy to prepare. In tagliatelle, tian, tart, ratatouille, or simply grated, it only requires a light seasoning (lemon juice + olive oil = perfection) to give the best of itself.

The tomato

Queen of summer, the tomato is undoubtedly THE vegetable to include on the menu! With 18.4 kcal/100g, it can be eaten raw, cooked, stuffed or plain. Whether round, long, cherry, beef heart, pineapple, or black, the tomato, we offer it all the time until the end of its season.

Green pepper

In peak season in August, peppers are one of the lowest-calorie vegetables, particularly green ones which contain only 19.6 kcal/100g. Simply sliced ​​in a salad to add crunch, roasted in the oven, or stuffed in a veggie or charcuterie version, it’s simple, we put the pepper everywhere.

The green bean

In peak season in August, green beans are a summer delicacy that it would be wrong to deprive yourself of. Slightly more caloric than its comrades with 30.1 kcal/100g, they are perfect in a veggie salad with mozzarella and a simple vinaigrette, or as an accompaniment to barbecued meat or fish.

© Jérôme Bilic

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