Test bench: what are the best pickles?

What is a good pickle?

Kéda Black, author ofIncredible vinegars (Keribus) and Pickles, kimchi & co. (Marabout), an expert in pickles, answers us: “A good pickle is first crunchy. It is neither too big nor too small, because it still needs a little chew. It is bathed in a tasty wine vinegar, which does not attack the palate and brings out the taste of aromatics such as mustard seeds, tarragon and small onions. It has a rough skin for an interesting attack on the palate. And, of course, zero preservatives or additives in its composition. »


Price : €1.69 for 190 geleclerc
Appearance : Good smell of fresh herbs such as tarragon, parsley, mint. We want to (re)dive into it. Very crunchy texture.
Taste : Balanced attack between vinegar and herbs. No length in the mouth, damage, and too much acidity.
Note : 4.5/10

Maison Marc

Price : €9.45 for 210 g. maisonmarc.fr
Appearance : Good vegetable smell, and seems artisanal. Varying sizes are a very good sign. Lacks a little crunch.
Taste : It’s exactly the taste of the pickle from our childhood. Well vinegared, with an aftertaste of plants and cucumber. Close to perfection.
Note : 9/10


Price : €1.89 for 360 g. monoprix.fr
Appearance: Classic pickle smell. Standard appearance and caliber. Lack of crunch.
Taste : Taste of vinegar a little too present compared to that of the aromatics, but pleasant overall.
Note : 6.5/10


Price : €1.69 for 360 g. lidl.fr
Appearance : Light green appearance and engaging irregular calibers. Vinegar smell perhaps a little too sweet. Severely lacking in crunch.
Taste : Neutral taste, without much interest. Little chew, disintegrates too quickly in the mouth. Vinegar lacks acidity.
Note : 4/10


Price : €8.99 for 270 g. martin-pouret.com
Appearance : Smells fresh, plants, vegetables. Large caliber and beautiful light green color. Makes you want.
Taste : Perfect balance between acidity and sugar. A taste of coming back. Pleasant chew and spicy final touch. This is the REAL pickle!
Note : 8.5/10

Orante Garden

Price : €3.75 for 185 g. jardindorante.fr
Appearance : Beautiful light green color. Too small caliber, it’s a shame, perfect texture.
Taste : The vinegar stays well in the mouth. Ideal as an accompaniment to a terrine or pâté, to reduce fat and add crunch.
Note : 6/10


Price : €2.25 for 360 g. carrefour.fr
Appearance: Pretty dark green color, nice rough skin. Perfectly crunchy.
Taste : Vinegar very present without being too powerful. Good pickle taste, all the most classic. Convincing.
Note : 6/10


Price : €4.09 for 370 g. amora.fr
Appearance : Small caliber but beautiful appearance. Engaging color. The crunchiest of all!
Taste : Good taste of pickle and vinegar. Unfortunately, its small size is the detriment. Not enough chew and length in the mouth.
Note : 4.5/10


Price : €2.75 for 300 g. mesh.com
Appearance : Slightly elastic texture. Smell of vinegar a little too pronounced.
Taste: Attack a little too vinegary. The chew slightly lacks texture, but overall ok.
Note : 5.5/10


Price : €4.99 for 210 g. hugoreitzel.com
Appearance : Large caliber, definitely above average. Very tempting, but sorely lacking in crunch!
Taste: Neutral pickle flavor and too timid vinegar taste. Correct, but nothing more.
Note : 5/10
Jury composed of: Marjolaine Daguerre, Alexandra Michot, Delphine Gautherin, Julia Dion and Mathilde Samama, from the editorial staff of ELLE and ELLE à table.

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