Why should you eat starchy foods at every meal according to a nutritionist?

Whole starchy foods are the body’s source of energy, its essence. These contain fiber, vitamins, minerals, and obviously carbohydrates and vegetable proteins.

It is essential to start with essential information: if we do not provide the body with this essence via starchy foods, it draws on fat reserves to produce it itself. Of course, this causes rapid weight loss in the early stages – since we skip pasta, rice, bread, and so on – but the boomerang return is not long in coming.

First, it stresses the body. And as soon as we eat it again, we are delighted to see our source of energy return, it will store in anticipation of days of scarcity!

Why should you eat it with every meal?

We always come back to this: whole starchy foods help regulate blood sugar levels (blood sugar levels). We know that this rate must be as stable as possible, and abrupt peaks and subsequent falls must be avoided which can lead to cravings, fatigue, bad mood, etc.

The relationship between blood sugar spikes and weight gain is easily explained.
In fact, the role of insulin is to distribute the glucose they need to the organs. An overuse of insulin and an excess of glucose which can no longer be distributed to the cells leads to fat storage.

To stabilize blood sugar levels, ideally, four doses per day are recommended: breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner.

Starchy foods, who are they?

Sometimes on the shelves, we get lost and we no longer know which ingredient belongs to which family.

The list of starchy foods : cereals, quinoa, pasta, semolina, rice
And are considered starchy assimilated foods : legumes (split peas, chickpeas, lentils, beans), butternut, parsnip, sweet potato, potato, Jerusalem artichoke, wholemeal bread. Regarding dough (shortbread, shortbread, or pizza), they contain flour but also sometimes butter or other ingredients.

It is always preferable to choose semi-complete, complete or whole starchy foods. They are digested more slowly, and this keeps blood sugar levels very stable.
Whereas, conversely, so-called “white” starchy foods, from which the cereal has been stripped of its bark and germ, and consequently of its fibers, vitamins and minerals, will boost blood sugar levels. Almost the same product, but a completely different result!

Consuming starchy foods in the evening helps stabilize blood sugar levels throughout the night. Sometimes, we wrongly avoid eating it in the evening by telling ourselves that we don’t particularly need energy during our sleep. However, even if we sleep, a drop in this level is negative, the body could be in hypoglycemia. To summarize, if we were awake, we could feel dizzy or feel unwell.

Without even talking about weight loss, giving your body the right intake every day is important for our different functions: brain, memory, immune system, muscular system, sleep, etc.
In addition, this diet is easy to maintain in the long term, it is a shame to deprive your body of all these foods when it needs them to function.

Far from being enemies, starchy foods are rather friends who wish us the greatest good!

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