What variety of potato for raclette?

With the temperatures dropping, we can’t say no to a raclette evening. With good cheese, cold meats and potatoes, there’s enough to make a feast. Yes, but which potato to choose will you tell us? Because between the Agatha, the Touquet ratte, the vitelotte, and the almost 3,000 existing varieties, it is easy to get lost. Fortunately, here is a little reminder to know which variety of potatoes will perfectly accompany your meal.

The different varieties of potatoes

There are potatoes and potatoes. And these are divided into three categories, according to their flesh. We are talking about potatoes with firm, tender and floury flesh.

In the first category, we find the ratte, the Bernadette, or the Amandine… You will recognize them by their elongated shape and their thin skin. They are suitable for steam or water cooking.

Then there are soft-fleshed potatoes like Agatha, Monalisa or Samba, which make excellent fries, mash and shepherd’s pie.

Finally come the floury potatoes. Agria, Bintje, Caesar and Marabel tend to fall apart when cooked, which is why they are preferred in soups, stews, or also in purees. They also make crispy chips and fries because they absorb oil well.

What variety of potatoes to choose for raclette?

If you haven’t guessed yet, it’s firm-fleshed potatoes that are best suited to raclette. Preferably choose them organic, so you won’t even need to peel them. Simply brush them to remove any remaining soil. Twenty minutes in boiling water or 25 minutes in steam will be enough to cook them and obtain tender potatoes as desired.

Note that it is possible to opt for potatoes cooked in their skins, in the oven, to change from cooking in water. In this case, it is obviously potatoes with tender flesh that will be our preference – 35 minutes at 200°C in a baking dish with a little salt and olive oil should be enough.

Last tip, choose potatoes of the same size for even cooking. This will prevent the smaller ones from being overcooked, and the larger ones from being too firm.

How many potatoes should you need per person?

Everything will depend on the quantity of cheese, the accompaniments planned and the stomachs, but generally, you need between 300 g and 400 g of potatoes per adult. 150 g to 200 g is enough for children.

All you have to do is turn on the raclette grill and enjoy!

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