You may not know it but these foods are false healthy friends

The cereals

It's not really a secret but cereals are very often full of sugar when we would tend to think that they are quite healthy. So to be sure you're making the right choice, prepare your own granola using oat flakes, nuts and a sweetening agent like honey or maple syrup. This way, we can manage the amount of added sugar, and thus become aware of what we eat. Be careful though, as granola is rich in nuts, it is also very high in calories. So we add yogurt or fromage blanc but we avoid bowls filled to the brim…

Industrial fruit juice

In itself, fruit juice is not “bad”, it is rather very (very) rich in sugars, particularly in its industrial version. So for a “healthy” sip, we prepare our own juices by squeezing fresh fruit or investing in a blender or juice extractor. So we manage the quantity of fruit in our juice (be careful, the more fruit there is, the more sugar there is) and we do not hesitate to replace part of the fruit with vegetables and spices for a tonic drink, vitaminized, and healthy.


As with fruit juices, smoothies are an unsuspected source of sugar. An easy pitfall to avoid by preparing your own smoothies. Fruits, vegetables, spices, everything is possible!

0% fat products

Excessively reducing fat has been a big fashion for many years, but now we know that it is better to focus on good fats such as avocado, nuts, fish and vegetable oils, and especially not to skip them. from his plate. And as with everything, the consumption of fat must be done in balance, but above all not out of fear or guilt.



As with fruit juice or smoothies, industrial compotes rarely contain 100% fruit. We therefore do not hesitate to prepare a large quantity of compote just by cooking peeled and cut into pieces apples, and once mixed, we taste and sweeten if necessary. And only if necessary!

The lawyer

Well, let's calm down right away, avocado is not at all “bad” for your health, it is even very good, but be careful of overdose. With 147 kcal/100g, we especially remember that it is a small reserve of oil, we therefore avoid combining it with other fatty products and putting it on the menu every day.

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