7 ideas to enhance bench cheese in autumn

Cottage cheese is the ideal dessert for fall, the season of comfort food. Potato gratin, butternut squash macaroni, sweet potato puree, chicken blanquette, after these hearty dishes, a little cottage cheese will be welcome. Here are some ideas to enhance it.

Enjoy white cheese differently

Plain, cottage cheese, also associated with sports diets, is creamy and has very mild flavors. In the mouth, its taste remains quite neutral and this is why a little sugar is often added, to be enjoyed like yogurt. However, this neutral taste allows it to be integrated into both sweet and savory recipes, such as placinta pancakes with fromage blanc. In short, it goes well with many flavors. For a sweet version, why not spice it up with something other than just powdered sugar? Since it will go well with everything, here are 7 ideas inspired by fall flavors to enhance cottage cheese for dessert.

The classic: Chestnut cream

To avoid any possible confusion, chestnut cream is chestnut cream. Only chestnuts, and never chestnuts since they are not edible, are used for creams or jams. A good tablespoon of this preparation mixed with cottage cheese will provide consistency in the mouth. As the chestnut cream is quite thick, you will even be able to feel very light pieces of chestnuts. As for the amber flavor of this fruit, deliciousness guaranteed. Visually, your dessert will take on a marbled look, with the alternation of the white of the yogurt and the brown of the cream. This common combination of flavors can also be found ready-made in the fresh section.

The crunch: muesli

Another possibility for enhancing cottage cheese: muesli. This dry mixture of oat flakes and oilseeds is also interesting from a nutritional point of view thanks to its particularly high fiber, carbohydrate and lipid content. A bowl of cottage cheese and muesli helps you feel full while boosting your energy. Ideal to start the day.

Adding cereals or granola is also an option, for even more crunchiness or indulgence.

The gourmand: the crumbled biscuit

To stay crunchy, add crumbled biscuit to your fromage blanc. Little butter or speculoos do the trick perfectly. Take a few biscuits and break them between your fingers until you have a crumble. In addition to sweetening the fromage blanc, the biscuit provides an irresistible crunch, at least if it remains on top, since once mixed with the creaminess of the fromage blanc, the texture of the biscuit becomes melting.

The famous: grout

Like a panna cotta, fromage blanc is often accompanied by a coulis. It can be a fruit coulis but also, less common and more delicious, a caramel coulis. It will take you on a journey during this cold time of the year when we enjoy comforting ourselves with a good waffle or brioche lost with salted butter caramel. Let’s dare to use cottage cheese and add caramel coulis.

Autumn: pear jam

Autumn marks the pear season. Let’s put it in the spotlight and integrate it with fromage blanc. In compote to change from apple or jam for a real contrast of flavors. Remember, the jam is very delicious for its pronounced sweetness and the pieces of fruit it contains.

The comfort food: dark chocolate shavings

For a crunch that does not melt on contact with cottage cheese, we opt for dark chocolate shavings. A food that stimulates memory and concentration and above all, brings balm to the heart. Scientists have actually proven it: dark chocolate is a natural anti-depressant. Its bitter notes associated with cottage cheese will transport you to the heart of a journey where rawness meets sweetness. Dark chocolate not to your taste? Turn to milk (soft and delicious) or white (pronounced and sweet) chocolate shavings.

The surprising: applesauce

A childhood sweetness: applesauce. Its association with white cheese is excellent and above all surprising. For good reason, the slightly rough texture of the compote does not fully blend with the creaminess of the cheese. Result: a double sensation in the mouth that young and old alike love.

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