Wedding menu: at what time of the meal should champagne be served?

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Champagne at a wedding remains the festive drink par excellence, but a question arises: should champagne be served at the start of the meal? With dessert? Throughout the meal?

SHE at the table. – At what point in the wedding menu should champagne be served?

Alexandre Pons. – For service, there is no ideal time. The wine that is good is the one that we like! So if you like champagne with your whole meal, go for champagne, just choose the right champagne.

The beautiful thing is that there are a lot of champagnes today, different types of champagnes and that you can make a complete food and champagne pairing.
The goal is to seek liveliness at the start of the meal and the closer we get to the main course and the aromatic power, the more we reduce the acidity to obtain the evolution – the number of years – and the power aromatic on the champagne itself.
You can also have champagne for dessert. Rosé champagne, for example, with red fruits is super interesting.

To remember :

  • Champagne for freshness at the start of the meal, with tartars as an aperitif to add some pep.
  • A little vintage champagne, evolution and patina mid-meal on white meats, poultry for example, can be very interesting.
  • And rosé champagne at the end of the meal to bring freshness, a moment during the meal when you can’t take it anymore, ultimately, it’s a nice breath of fresh air.

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