No more waste: reuse your onion peelings

Onion is a natural flavor enhancer. It goes well with cold salads, sandwiches to enjoy on the go, and even simmered dishes. It can be cooked or not, by being caramelized, grilled or fried. Regardless of how you prepare it, the onion goes through this essential step of peeling. If the peelings seem indigestible, which is why we throw them away in the same way as we would throw melon rinds in the trash, they are nevertheless just as consumable as the heart of the onion. We go into the kitchen and incorporate the peelings into our preparations. To sprinkle or infuse, you will love them.

Onion peels: nutritional nuggets

It's not just the onion that is rich in fiber, since its peelings are just as rich, or even more so. By reusing them in cooking, the peelings provide numerous fibers, ideal for intestinal transit. As for the vitamins they contain, these will be the A for good iron metabolism in the body; B for good energy and C for the fight against cellular aging.

Recycle your onion peelings into a condiment, to sprinkle everywhere

The skin of the onion, quite dry, is perfect for putting it in a blender. Enough to reuse it as a condiment. An excellent tip for not wasting, on which the leader in the fight against food waste Too Good To Go advises us: “Rinse the peelings thoroughly to remove any residual dirt. Then dry them and put them in the oven to dehydrate them. Grind them in a blender or mortar until you obtain onion powder. » Like breadcrumbs or brewer's yeast, this little preparation will be perfect added to any dish, even in your soups.

Recycle your onion peelings into herbal tea

This may seem surprising, but the onion infuses! At least, its skin. Let it infuse covered for 10 minutes in 1l of water previously brought to the boil. You will get a draining drink, perfect for helping you fall asleep if you take it in the evening.

Now that you know everything, get on with it!

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