Taro ball and sweet potato soup


  • taro balls

  • 200 g of taro
  • 50 g of brown sugar
  • 80 g tapioca flour
  • sweet potato balls

  • 200 g sweet potato
  • 80 g tapioca flour
  • 25 g of brown sugar
  • soup

  • 10g ginger
  • 5 tablespoon(s) of black sugar or brown sugar
  • 2 tablespoons dried longan (optional)
  • 1 tablespoon(s) goji berries (optional)


  1. Peel the taro and sweet potato, cut them into small pieces and steam them separately for about 15 minutes.

  2. Mash the taro while still hot, adding the brown sugar then, little by little, the tapioca flour. Mix to obtain a taro paste. Take 30 g of this paste and cook it in 5 cl of boiling water until it rises to the surface (1 to 2 minutes).

  3. Mix the cooked taro paste with the raw one and work it by hand. Add water little by little, until you have a smooth ball of dough.

  4. Repeat the same steps to make the sweet potato balls.

  5. Prepare the soup. Heat the sliced ​​ginger in 70 cl of water for 10 minutes.

  6. Add the sugar, longan and goji berries.

  7. Leave to simmer for another 2 minutes over low heat.

  8. Roll the taro and sweet potato pasta lengthwise. Cut the sausages into 2 cm rounds, then form into balls. Cook them for 3 minutes in water, drain them and add them to the soup. Serve hot.

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