These Halloween cupcakes are going to be a monster hit

Ghost, pumpkin, demon… Halloween is the perfect holiday to create stunning cupcakes and have fun decorating.

How to make Halloween cupcakes?

Long live decoration!

If there’s one time of the year when we can play with coloring, glitter, decorations and other sugar paste, it’s with cakes for Halloween. The opportunity to color your ganaches and whipped creams in green, red, orange, or black, before piping them on your cupcakes; to add Swiss meringue ghosts; to place pumpkin-shaped candies here and there; to create piercing eyes out of sugar paste; or add an earthy coat made from cocoa crumble, the ideal playground for any self-respecting cemetery cupcake!

Easy paper solutions

If you’re afraid of not being able to decorate your Halloween cupcakes perfectly, there are a few simple solutions. For example, you can cut out ghost, pumpkin, spider, tombstone or even monster shapes from colored paper before judiciously including them in your creation. We keep in mind that the cupcake serves as a support and backdrop to our scenography. Better a well-made cupcake – the look is nice, but you never forget the taste! – and elements made of paper or candy, just an approximate decoration that wouldn’t scare a gnat!

And to be sure to scare everyone, zoom in on these terribly successful Halloween cupcakes that are going to be a hit… monster!

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