What are the 9 lowest-calorie summer fruits?

The strawberry

On the top step of the podium for the lowest calorie fruits, we find the strawberry with 38.6 kcal/100g. A delight that heralds sunny days, which is most often enjoyed plain, as a snack, but also pairs ideally with basil and mozzarella. The ideal fruit when you watch your diet.

The watermelon

Nothing new under the sun, watermelon is a low-calorie fruit with 38.9 kcal/100g. Full of water and delicately sweet, it can be enjoyed plain, transformed into a smoothie, or served as a summer watermelon salad with baby spinach and a few cubes of feta.


Tasted as is, or cooked, with its pretty vitamin-filled pulp, and its skin delicately reddened by the sun, the apricot and its 45.9 kcal/100g is a friend who wishes us well!

The Peach

With 46.1 kcal/100g for white peach, and 46.3 kcal/100g for yellow peach, we include stone fruits everywhere in our tarts, cakes, crumbles, and summer ice creams. The good idea? Freeze the fruit cut into pieces, for a nice fruity, light and delicious cream (even lactose-free).


With 47.3 kcal/100g, bramble (the black) is perfect as a snack for a regressive pleasure. It can also be cooked in a tart or pie, but in this case, be careful of the added sugar and fat.


No worries with raspberry and its 49.2 kcal/100g. Plain, slipped into detox water, or prepared in a salad with strawberries just cut in half, all flavored with a little rose water, raspberries bring the right dose of tang to our summer.


With 51.3 kcal/100g in the yellow version, and 51.8 kcal/100g in the white version, the juicy and delicious nectarine accompanies all our gourmet summer fruit tart recipes.


On the blueberry side, 57.7 kcal/100g are recorded on the meter. Another strong point for this small fruit with many benefits (nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, etc.).

The melon

As for melon, we have 62.7 kcal/100g, it has the advantage of being “consistent” and calms our cravings in an instant. Plus, like watermelon, it is full of water, which is perfect in summer, when our body has high needs in this area. Bonus point: melon can be enjoyed both raw and cooked, in a sweet and savory skewer version with prawns.

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