What to drink with raclette?

This generous and hearty dish has all the makings of the best remedy to regain strength. Between friends or family, raclette always hits the mark. Even more so if accompanied by a good bottle of wine! But which bottle to choose? Our recommendations.
The classic raclette recipe is a real patchwork of melted cheese and cold meats: white ham, sausage, mountain ham, Graubünden meat… For this gourmet dish, the idea is to use raclette cheese, fatty and strong tasting. So, a dry and lively white from Savoie or even Jura will do the trick perfectly. This type of wine offers you respite, a saving break to finish the gourmet marathon that raclette can resemble.

Domaine Jean-Charles Girard-Madoux – Chignin 2016 – White
Savoie, Wine of Savoie Chignin

To break the monotony, smoked or mustard seed raclette gives other wine ideas, without straying from lively whites. Choose vintages with more character to respond to the smoky notes and spiciness of the mustard, and wines with more fat and minerality, such as the taut wines of southern Burgundy, near St-Véran or Pouilly- Fuissé.

Domaine Thierry Drouin – Pouilly Fuissé – Plaisance 2016 – White
Burgundy, Pouilly-Fuissé

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