Charles III in Paris – Pierre Hermé reveals to us the secrets of his royal dessert

Instructions for developing the menu

Today is a big day. Charles III and his wife Camilla will taste French gastronomy. And for the occasion, the Élysée did not do things by halves. Triple-starred Anne-Sophie Pic and Yannick Alléno will prepare the starter and main course respectively. To finish the meal in style, it is Pierre Hermé who entertains alongside his colleagues. The world-famous chef explains to us that the dishes chosen by the Élysée and validated by Buckingham Palace were not those planned in June when the meal was to take place. As for dessert, it was actually an apple tart worked like a tarte tatin with dried fruits and caramel. Brigitte Macron insisted on replacing it with the house’s favorite creation: the Ispahan. “I know that Anne-Sophie had to make asparagus instead of lobster as a starter. The idea is that our three dishes are in harmony with each other to create a real symbiosis and connection during the meal,” explains the chef. Above all, the essential indication of the meal was to cook seasonal products.

Discover France through the plate

What better way to end the meal in style than with a macaroon, a guilty pleasure for French sweet tooths? The choice of macaroon was not chosen at random. For the record, Catherine de Medici would have imported this little biscuit from Italy but it is in France that it developed and evolved since the Middle Ages. It’s a cookie with history and for which the French are famous. Here it is today served at the table of King Charles III, completely revisited by Pierre Hermé, who has become the emblem of the macaron.

Isfahan dressed to the nines for the occasion

You’ve probably already seen or tasted it, Pierre Hermé’s Ispahan is the star of the house. The creation is originally a cake for several people based on a fairly thick macaroon biscuit. But for the occasion, Pierre Hermé serves it on the plate and gives it a little makeover for Her Majesty. “In this creation, we always find raspberries in compotes, in coulis but also fresh, lychees. What’s new in this version is the lychee rose sorbet and the raspberry sorbet. The ice cream will be very nice. It will bring a contrast in texture and temperature that is in this dessert and not in the cake. As for the macaron biscuit, it will be finer than what is basic in the cake.”, confesses Pierre Hermé. To accompany the creation, chocolates and fruit jellies from Maison Hermé will be served at the table.

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Proud and honored to entertain royalty

The dessert in last position occupies a central place since it is the last note that the guests will have in their mouths. “For me and my teams at home, it is a pride and an honor to produce this meal. We are committed to spreading the word about our gastronomy which is so dear to us and to sharing our French know-how. No matter who we receive, the objective remains the same: to please. “, concludes Pierre Hermé.

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